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About us

Cyber Security Labs is a high-tech startup with a focus on component-based development of high-assurance IT security technology.

Component-based security

Decomposing complex IT security products into components allows to isolate security functionality from non-security functionality. This enables faster development of IT security products and eases the process of asserting and evaluating assurance.


Our component-based systems run on-top of a microkernel. The use of microkernels dramatically reduces the Trusted Computing Base (TCB) compared to monolithic kernels like Linux / OpenBSD / Windows.

Multi-level Security

We develop technology for a Multi-level Security system. This allows a user to process information of different classification levels on a single system and eliminates the need for a multitude of physically isolated workstations for each classification level.


Come and join our team!

Cyber Security Labs is looking for experienced developers with a passion for IT security to join our development team in Naarden, The Netherlands.
Currently we have the following vacancies:

C++ developer security components

Security architect component-based systems

VHDL design engineer

Internship positions

What We Do

Software Development

We offer consultancy in software development of component-based systems. We are also developing our own portfolio of components for next generation IT security products.

Security Documentation

High-assurance IT security products require thorough documentation for the purpose of evaluating assurance. Amongst others, this documentation covers the design and security architecture of the product.

Digital Design

The level of assurance one can achieve with software running on custom-of-the-shelf hardware is limited. High-assurance security systems rely on dedicated trusted hardware. We extend the vision of component-based security into the realm of digital design of dedicated computer hardware.


Since we strive to push the envelope in developing High-assurance IT security products, conducting research is one of our core activities.


We build prototypes and demonstrators to test new IT security technology. This helps to discuss product concepts with stakeholders and helps to identify problems in an early stage.


Productization of a High-assurance IT security product entails developing all aspects of a product's life-cycle, from development and QA to manufacturing, deployment, support and management.


Cyber Security Labs B.V.
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